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How Does Preschool Enrich Children?

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All children must begin attending school by a certain age. Most kids don't begin attending kindergarten until they're five or six years old. However, enrichment and education can start before that age. If you'd like to help your child get ahead, you should think about enrolling them in a preschool. Preschool can do so many great things for children. Here are just a few ways your child will be enriched:

1. Gain independence.

Gaining independence is a process that your kids will go through for much of their lives. Even preschoolers can begin to build independence in small, age-appropriate ways. In preschool, your child will have the chance to practice self-determination. They'll decide how to spend their time during free play, and they might even have opportunities to help their teachers during certain portions of the class.

2. Get used to separation from parents.

When kids are very young, they rely on their parents for everything from practical help to emotional support. Being suddenly separated from their parents can feel scary or traumatic, but it's an important stage in every child's life. Preschool is a good place for kids to get used to this separation in a supportive environment. Preschool teachers are used to dealing with children who become upset when they're dropped off; your child's preschool teacher will be able to redirect your child's attention so they get over their negative feelings more quickly.

3. Make lots of friends.

Children thrive when they're allowed to socialize with others. Not all children have access to peers at home. Some kids are only children who spend the majority of their time with adults. While time spent with adults is valuable, kids can also gain important social skills by learning to get along with others their own age. In preschool, your child will be surrounded by peers. They'll have the opportunity to develop friendships and practice their communication skills.

4. Learn things that will help them in kindergarten.

Kindergarten can be a big adjustment for children who have never had any formal education. Preschool is organized in a way that's age-appropriate to young children. It features a lot of play and movement that is enjoyable for kids. However, while your kids are playing, they will also be learning. Your child's preschool teacher will teach them many things that will help them succeed in kindergarten. Your child will be taught the names of different letters and numbers, which will help them build their counting and reading skills later.

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