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Six Things You Shouldn't Assume About CPR Training

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CPR training provides you with invaluable knowledge that could someday allow you to save someone's life. Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of misinformation out there regarding CPR training.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume about CPR training. 

It's possible to undergo full CPR training over the Internet.

You might come across online courses that claim to provide CPR training over the Internet. However, you cannot truly learn how to do CPR unless you get hands-on practice in an in-person class. Don't think that you can really learn how to do CPR by simply watching a video or taking an online course. 

CPR training only teaches you how to help adults in an emergency situation.

Adult CPR is a primary focus of CPR training. However, you don't only learn how to perform CPR on adults when you go through training. A standard CPR training course also includes instruction on how to perform CPR on children. 

CPR training isn't worthwhile.

Some people think that they shouldn't bother to undergo CPR training because they'll never find themselves in an emergency situation in which they'll have to put their CPR skills to use. Yet anyone can find themselves in an emergency situation. Knowing CPR could someday allow you to save the life of a loved one. 

Mouth-to-mouth contact with a stranger is necessary during CPR training.

CPR training does not typically involve or require mouth-to-mouth contact with anyone. Nowadays, CPR training prioritizes the use of chest compressions rather than mouth-to-mouth breathing.

Participants use mannequins when learning mouth-to-mouth breathing. Participants are also provided with pocket masks that create a barrier between their mouth and the mannequin they're practicing on. 

CPR training is not easy to understand.

Just about anybody can master CPR training. Learning to perform CPR does not require any advanced medical knowledge. In fact, CPR procedures are generally very simple and straightforward. You shouldn't be discouraged because you think that CPR training will be too difficult for you. 

You only need to go through CPR training if you are frequently around people who are ill.

Even very healthy individuals can end up in emergency situations where they cannot breathe or they have no heartbeat.

While people with certain health conditions might be more likely to require CPR, CPR emergencies can happen to anyone. That's why it's not true that only those who are often around people who are ill or weak require CPR training.  

For more info about CPR training, contact a local company.