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3 Age-Appropriate Learning Activities You Can Do With Your Preschool Child At Home

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Your children are going to need to learn a few things before they start school. You can send your child to a preschool, but even before preschool, your child should know a few basics to be able to keep up with the rest of the class. Before your child begins preschool, they should know their colors and begin to know their letters and numbers, or at least the alphabet. Your child should also know their full name and how to spell it, in addition to recognizing it. Read on for a few age-appropriate activities you can do with your child at home to help teach your preschooler.

1. Shapes, Colors, And Counting

To teach your child colors and shapes, do a color and shape sorting activity. You can do this in a number of ways, but one fun way is to give your child a small basket and a color. Have your child go around your home and find that one color throughout your home. Your child will need to find five objects in your home that are that color. It can be anything—food, toys, decorative objects, clothing—that is that color. Have your child bring the objects back to you and count them together. This can also help teach counting as well. Do the same with shapes, although this may be a bit more difficult. Try to do this with your child's toys to make it easier, or have your child point the shapes out to you throughout the house.

2. Name Recognition And Spelling

To help your child recognize their name, you should spell their name out and write it in front of them. Use letter stickers to spell out your child's name, and use letter cards to have your child spell out their name on their own. Mix up the letters and have your child spell them out. You can also write a number of words on a piece of paper and have your child's name somewhere on the list. Have your child pick out which word is their name. Once your child has their first name down pat, you should begin to practice with their last name and finally their middle name.

3.The Alphabet/Letter Recognition

Teach your child the alphabet by singing with your child. You can also use magnet letters or letter cards to teach your child the alphabet. Give your child the cards or magnets and have your child place them in order. You can also hold up the cards or the magnet letters and have your child tell you what the letter is.

These are just a few age-appropriate activities you can do with your preschool-aged child to prepare your child for preschool and for kindergarten. Your child will learn a lot in the classroom but can learn quite a bit at home with you. Work with your child and teach them at home. You can reach out to certain children's education providers to learn more about appropriate learning activities for your child.